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changelog_getrevisionsinfo_test:: (10 methods):

Class: changelog_getrevisionsinfo_test  - X-Ref

Tests for requesting revisioninfo of a revision of a page with getRevisionInfo()

This class uses the files:
- data/pages/mailinglist.txt
- data/meta/mailinglist.changes
setup()   X-Ref
No description

test_changemetadatanotexists()   X-Ref
no nonexist.changes meta file available

test_requestrev()   X-Ref
request existing rev

test_requestrev_chuncked()   X-Ref
request existing rev with chucked reading

test_requestrev_chunckedsmallerthanlinelength()   X-Ref
request existing rev with chucked reading

test_requestrecentestlogline()   X-Ref
request current version

test_requestrecentestlogline_chuncked()   X-Ref
request current version, with chuncked reading

test_negativerev()   X-Ref
request negative revision

test_notexistingrev()   X-Ref
request non existing revision somewhere between existing revisions

test_chuncksizetrue()   X-Ref
sometimes chuncksize is set to true