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Class: ActionException  - X-Ref

Class ActionException

This exception and its subclasses signal that the current action should be
aborted and a different action should be used instead. The new action can
be given as parameter in the constructor. Defaults to 'show'

The message will NOT be shown to the enduser

__construct($newaction = null, $message = '')   X-Ref
ActionException constructor.

When no new action is given 'show' is assumed. For requests that originated in a POST,
a 'redirect' is used which will cause a redirect to the 'show' action.

param: string|null $newaction the action that should be used next
param: string $message optional message, will not be shown except for some dub classes

getNewAction()   X-Ref
Returns the action to use next

return: string

displayToUser($set = null)   X-Ref
Should this Exception's message be shown to the user?

param: null|bool $set when null is given, the current setting is not changed
return: bool