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DebugHelper:: (6 methods):

Class: DebugHelper  - X-Ref

isEnabled()   X-Ref
Check if deprecation messages shall be handled

This is either because its logging is not disabled or a deprecation handler was registered

return: bool

dbgDeprecatedFunction($alternative = '', $callerOffset = 1, $thing = '')   X-Ref
Log accesses to deprecated fucntions to the debug log

param: string $alternative (optional) The function or method that should be used instead
param: int $callerOffset (optional) How far the deprecated method is removed from this one
param: string $thing (optional) The deprecated thing, defaults to the calling method
triggers: \dokuwiki\Debug::INFO_DEPRECATION_LOG_EVENT

formatCall($call)   X-Ref
Format the given backtrace info into a proper function/method call string

param: array $call
return: string

dbgDeprecatedProperty($class, $propertyName)   X-Ref
This marks logs a deprecation warning for a property that should no longer be used

This is usually called withing a magic getter or setter.
For logging deprecated functions or methods see dbgDeprecatedFunction()

param: string $class The class with the deprecated property
param: string $propertyName The name of the deprecated property
triggers: \dokuwiki\Debug::INFO_DEPRECATION_LOG_EVENT

dbgCustomDeprecationEvent($alternative,$deprecatedThing,$caller,$file,$line,$callerOffset = 1)   X-Ref
Trigger a custom deprecation event

Usually dbgDeprecatedFunction() or dbgDeprecatedProperty() should be used instead.
This method is intended only for those situation where they are not applicable.

param: string $alternative
param: string $deprecatedThing
param: string $caller
param: string $file
param: int $line
param: int $callerOffset How many lines should be removed from the beginning of the backtrace

triggerDeprecationEvent(array $backtrace,$alternative,$deprecatedThing,$caller,$file,$line)   X-Ref

param: array $backtrace
param: string $alternative
param: string $deprecatedThing
param: string $caller
param: string $file
param: int $line