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FeedCreator:: (8 methods):

Class: FeedCreator  - X-Ref

__construct(FeedCreatorOptions $options)   X-Ref

param: FeedCreatorOptions $options

build()   X-Ref
Build the feed

return: string The raw XML for the feed

createAndAddItem($data)   X-Ref
Process the raw data, create feed item and add it to the feed

triggers: FEED_ITEM_ADD
return: \FeedItem
param: array|string $data raw item data

fetchItemsFromNamespace()   X-Ref
Read all pages from a namespace

return: array

fetchItemsFromSearch()   X-Ref
Add the result of a full text search to the feed object

return: array

fetchItemsFromRecentChanges()   X-Ref
Add recent changed pages to the feed object

return: array

fetchItemsFromPlugin()   X-Ref
Add items from a plugin to the feed object

return: array

initLogo()   X-Ref
Add a logo to the feed

Looks at different possible candidates for a logo and adds the first one

return: void