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FeedCreatorOptions:: (5 methods):

Class: FeedCreatorOptions  - X-Ref

Hold the options for feed generation

__construct($options = [])   X-Ref
Initialize the options from the request, falling back to config defaults

param: array $options additional options to set (for testing)

getCacheKey()   X-Ref
The cache key to use for a feed with these options

Does not contain user or host specific information yet

return: string

get($option, $default = null)   X-Ref
Return a feed option by name

param: string $option The name of the option
param: mixed $default default value if option is not set (should usually not happen)
return: mixed

getType()   X-Ref
Return the feed type for UniversalFeedCreator

This returns the apropriate type for UniversalFeedCreator

return: string

getMimeType()   X-Ref
Return the feed mime type

return: string