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FeedMediaProcessor:: (8 methods):

Class: FeedMediaProcessor  - X-Ref

getURL($linkto)   X-Ref
No description

getBody($content)   X-Ref
No description

getCategory()   X-Ref

getRev()   X-Ref
Get the revision timestamp of this page

Note: we only handle most current revisions in feeds, so the revision is usually just the
lastmodifed timestamp of the page file. However, if the page does not exist, we need to
determine the revision from the changelog.
return: int

getPrev()   X-Ref
Get the previous revision timestamp of this page

return: int|null The previous revision or null if there is none

isExisting()   X-Ref
Does this page exist?

return: bool

loadRevisions()   X-Ref
Load the current and previous revision from the changelog

return: void

createDiffTable($src1, $src2)   X-Ref
Create a table showing the two media files

return: string
param: MediaFile|null $src1
param: MediaFile|null $src2