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MobileMenu:: (3 methods):

Class: MobileMenu  - X-Ref

Class MobileMenu

Note: this does not inherit from AbstractMenu because it is not working like the other
menus. This is a meta menu, aggregating the items from the other menus and offering a combined
view. The idea is to use this on mobile devices, thus the context is fixed to CTX_MOBILE
getGroupedItems()   X-Ref
Returns all items grouped by view

return: AbstractItem[][]

getItems()   X-Ref
Get all items in a flat array

This returns the same format as AbstractMenu::getItems()

return: AbstractItem[]

getDropdown($empty = '', $button = '>')   X-Ref
Print a dropdown menu with all DokuWiki actions

Note: this will not use any pretty URLs

return: string
param: string $empty empty option label
param: string $button submit button label