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Parser:: (5 methods):

Class: Parser  - X-Ref

Sets up the Lexer with modes and points it to the Handler
For an intro to the Lexer see: wiki:parser

__construct(Doku_Handler $handler)   X-Ref
dokuwiki\Parsing\Doku_Parser constructor.

param: Doku_Handler $handler

addBaseMode($BaseMode)   X-Ref
Adds the base mode and initialized the lexer

param: Base $BaseMode

addMode($name, ModeInterface $Mode)   X-Ref
Add a new syntax element (mode) to the parser

PHP preserves order of associative elements
Mode sequence is important

param: string $name
param: ModeInterface $Mode

connectModes()   X-Ref
Connect all modes with each other

This is the last step before actually parsing.

parse($doc)   X-Ref
Parses wiki syntax to instructions

param: string $doc the wiki syntax text
return: array instructions