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Class: Page  - X-Ref

Represents a single page revision in the wiki.

__construct($id,$revision = 0,$mtime = 0,$title = '',$size = null,$perms = null,$hash = '',$author = '')   X-Ref
Page constructor.

param: string $id The page ID
param: int $revision The page revision 0 for current
param: int $mtime Last modified timestamp
param: string $title The page title
param: int|null $size The page size in bytes
param: int|null $perms The current user's permissions for this page
param: string $hash MD5 sum over the page's content
param: string $author The author of this page revision

retrieveTitle()   X-Ref
Get the title for the page

Honors $conf['useheading']

return: string

calculateHash()   X-Ref
Calculate the hash for this page

This is a heavy operation and should only be called when needed.

retrieveAuthor()   X-Ref
Retrieve the author of this page

__toString()   X-Ref
No description