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Functions that are not part of a class:

__construct(Mailer $mailer = null)   X-Ref
No description

getMessageID($id, $rev = null)   X-Ref
Get a valid message id for a certain $id and revision (or the current revision)

return: string
param: string $id  The id of the page (or media file) the message id should be for
param: string $rev The revision of the page, set to the current revision of the page $id if not set

send($subscriber_mail, $subject, $context, $template, $trep, $hrep = null, $headers = [])   X-Ref
Helper function for sending a mail

return: bool
param: string $subscriber_mail The target mail address
param: string $subject         The lang id of the mail subject (without the
param: string $context         The context of this mail, eg. page or namespace id
param: string $template        The name of the mail template
param: array  $trep            Predefined parameters used to parse the
param: array  $hrep            Predefined parameters used to parse the
param: array  $headers         Additional mail headers in the form 'name' => 'value'
author: Adrian Lang <lang@cosmocode.de>