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Display:: (9 methods):

Class: Display  - X-Ref

__construct(MediaFile $mediaFile)   X-Ref
Display constructor.

param: MediaFile $mediaFile

getPreviewHtml($w, $h)   X-Ref
Get the HTML to display a preview image if possible, otherwise show an icon

return: string
param: int $w bounding box width to resize pixel based images to
param: int $h bounding box height to resize pixel based images to

getIconUrl()   X-Ref
Return the URL to the icon for this file

return: string

relativeDisplay($ns)   X-Ref
Show IDs relative to this namespace

param: string|null $ns Use null to disable

scrollIntoView($set = true)   X-Ref
Scroll to this file on display?

param: bool $set

formatDate()   X-Ref
No description

formatDimensions($empty = '&)   X-Ref
Output the image dimension if any

return: string
param: string $empty what to show when no dimensions are available

formatFileSize()   X-Ref
No description

formatDisplayName()   X-Ref
No description