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Asian:: (3 methods):

Class: Asian  - X-Ref

Methods and constants to handle Asian "words"

This uses a crude regexp to determine which parts of an Asian string should be treated as words.
This is necessary because in some Asian languages a single unicode char represents a whole idea
without spaces separating them.
isAsianWords($term)   X-Ref
Check if the given term contains Asian word characters

return: bool
param: string $term

separateAsianWords($text, $sep = ' ')   X-Ref
Surround all Asian words in the given text with the given separator

return: string Text with separated asian words
param: string $text Original text containing asian words
param: string $sep the separator to use

splitAsianWords($term)   X-Ref
Split the given text into separate parts

Each part is either a non-asian string, or a single asian word

return: string[]
param: string $term