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Class: Doku_Renderer_xhtmlsummary  - X-Ref

The summary XHTML form selects either up to the first two paragraphs
it find in a page or the first section (whichever comes first)
It strips out the table of contents if one exists
Section divs are not used - everything should be nested in a single
div with CSS class "page"
Headings have their a name link removed and section editing links
It also attempts to capture the first heading in a page for
use as the title of the page.

document_start()   X-Ref
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document_end()   X-Ref
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header($text, $level, $pos, $returnonly = false)   X-Ref
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section_open($level)   X-Ref
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section_close()   X-Ref
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p_open()   X-Ref
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p_close()   X-Ref
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