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remote_plugin_acl:: (4 methods):

Class: remote_plugin_acl  - X-Ref

Class remote_plugin_acl

_getMethods()   X-Ref
Returns details about the remote plugin methods

return: array Information about all provided methods. {@see dokuwiki\Remote\RemoteAPI}

listAcls()   X-Ref
List all ACL config entries

return: dictionary {Scope: ACL}, where ACL = dictionnary {user/group: permissions_int}

addAcl($scope, $user, $level)   X-Ref
Add a new entry to ACL config

param: string $scope
param: string $user
param: int    $level see also inc/auth.php
return: bool

delAcl($scope, $user)   X-Ref
Remove an entry from ACL config

param: string $scope
param: string $user
return: bool