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/lib/plugins/authad/lang/en/ -> settings.php (source)

   1  <?php
   3  $lang['account_suffix']     = 'Your account suffix. Eg. <code>@my.domain.org</code>';
   4  $lang['base_dn']            = 'Your base DN. Eg. <code>DC=my,DC=domain,DC=org</code>';
   5  $lang['domain_controllers'] = 'A comma separated list of Domain controllers. Eg. <code>srv1.domain.org,srv2.domain.org</code>';
   6  $lang['admin_username']     = 'A privileged Active Directory user with access to all other user\'s data. Optional, but needed for certain actions like sending subscription mails.';
   7  $lang['admin_password']     = 'The password of the above user.';
   8  $lang['sso']                = 'Should Single-Sign-On via Kerberos or NTLM be used?';
   9  $lang['sso_charset']        = 'The charset your webserver will pass the Kerberos or NTLM username in. Empty for UTF-8 or latin-1. Requires the iconv extension.';
  10  $lang['real_primarygroup']  = 'Should the real primary group be resolved instead of assuming "Domain Users" (slower).';
  11  $lang['use_ssl']            = 'Use SSL connection? If used, do not enable TLS below.';
  12  $lang['use_tls']            = 'Use TLS connection? If used, do not enable SSL above.';
  13  $lang['debug']              = 'Display additional debugging output on errors?';
  14  $lang['expirywarn']         = 'Days in advance to warn user about expiring password. 0 to disable.';
  15  $lang['additional']         = 'A comma separated list of additional AD attributes to fetch from user data. Used by some plugins.';
  16  $lang['update_name']        = 'Allow users to update their AD display name?';
  17  $lang['update_mail']        = 'Allow users to update their email address?';
  18  $lang['update_pass']        = 'Allow users to update their password? Requires SSL or TLS above.';
  19  $lang['recursive_groups']   = 'Resolve nested groups to their respective members (slower).';