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mysql_plugin_authpdo_test:: (10 methods):

Class: mysql_plugin_authpdo_test  - X-Ref

mysql tests for the authpdo plugin

setUp()   X-Ref
No description

tearDown()   X-Ref
try to remove the last set up database

it might still be there if something went wrong

test_requirements()   X-Ref
Check if database credentials and extensions exist

createDatabase()   X-Ref
create the database for testing

dropDatabase()   X-Ref
remove the database

importDatabase($file)   X-Ref
imports a database dump

param: $file

runGeneralTests(auth_plugin_authpdo $auth, $users)   X-Ref
Run general tests on all users

param: auth_plugin_authpdo $auth
param: array $users

runUserTests(auth_plugin_authpdo $auth, $user)   X-Ref
run all the tests with the given user, depending on the capabilities

param: auth_plugin_authpdo $auth
param: $user

data_provider()   X-Ref
prepares the individual configurations for testing

return: array

test_database($dbname, $dump, $data)   X-Ref
This triggers all the tests based on the dumps and configurations

param: string $dbname Name of the database to use
param: string $dump The path to the dump file to import
param: array|string $data config and test user setup. When a string is passed, test is skipped with that msg