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/lib/plugins/authpdo/lang/en/ -> settings.php (source)

   1  <?php
   2  /**
   3   * english language file for authpdo plugin
   4   *
   5   * @author Andreas Gohr <andi@splitbrain.org>
   6   */
   8  $lang['debug']              = 'Print out detailed error messages. Should be disabled after setup.';
   9  $lang['dsn']                = 'The DSN to connect to the database.';
  10  $lang['user']               = 'The user for the above database connection (empty for sqlite)';
  11  $lang['pass']               = 'The password for the above database connection (empty for sqlite)';
  12  $lang['select-user']        = 'SQL Statement to select the data of a single user';
  13  $lang['select-user-groups'] = 'SQL Statement to select all groups of a single user';
  14  $lang['select-groups']      = 'SQL Statement to select all available groups';
  15  $lang['insert-user']        = 'SQL Statement to insert a new user into the database';
  16  $lang['delete-user']        = 'SQL Statement to remove a single user from the database';
  17  $lang['list-users']         = 'SQL Statement to list users matching a filter';
  18  $lang['count-users']        = 'SQL Statement to count users matching a filter';
  19  $lang['update-user-info']   = 'SQL Statement to update the full name and email address of a single user';
  20  $lang['update-user-login']  = 'SQL Statement to update the login name of a single user';
  21  $lang['update-user-pass']   = 'SQL Statement to update the password of a single user';
  22  $lang['insert-group']       = 'SQL Statement to insert a new group into the database';
  23  $lang['join-group']         = 'SQL Statement to add a user to an existing group';
  24  $lang['leave-group']        = 'SQL Statement to remove a user from a group';
  25  $lang['check-pass']         = 'SQL Statement to check the password for a user. Can be left empty if password info is fetched in select-user.';