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Configuration:: (12 methods):

Class: Configuration  - X-Ref

Holds all the current settings and proxies the Loader and Writer

__construct()   X-Ref
ConfigSettings constructor.

getSettings()   X-Ref
Get all settings

return: Setting[]

getUndefined()   X-Ref
Get all unknown or problematic settings

return: Setting[]

hasChanged()   X-Ref
Have the settings been changed since loading from disk?

return: bool

isLocked()   X-Ref
Check if the config can be written

return: bool

updateSettings($input)   X-Ref
Update the settings using the data provided

param: array $input as posted
return: bool true if all updates went through, false on errors

save()   X-Ref
Save the settings

This save the current state as defined in this object, including the
undefined settings

touch()   X-Ref
Touch the settings

getLangs()   X-Ref
Load the extension language strings

return: array

initSettings()   X-Ref
Initalizes the $settings and $undefined properties

instantiateClass($key)   X-Ref
Instantiates the proper class for the given config key

The class is added to the $settings or $undefined arrays and returned

param: string $key
return: Setting

determineClassName($class, $key)   X-Ref
Return the class to load

param: string $class the class name as given in the meta file
param: string $key the settings key
return: string