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Writer:: (6 methods):

Class: Writer  - X-Ref

Writes the settings to the correct local file

__construct()   X-Ref
Writer constructor.

save($settings)   X-Ref
Save the given settings

param: Setting[] $settings

touch()   X-Ref
Update last modified time stamp of the config file

Will invalidate all DokuWiki caches

opcacheUpdate($file)   X-Ref
Invalidate the opcache of the given file (if possible)

param: string $file

isLocked()   X-Ref
Configuration is considered locked if there is no local settings filename
or the directory its in is not writable or the file exists and is not writable

return: bool true: locked, false: writable

getHeader()   X-Ref
Returns the PHP intro header for the config file

return: string