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DokuWiki Plugin extension (Helper Component)

Author: Michael Hamann
License: GPL 2 http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html
File Size: 223 lines (8 kb)
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Defines 1 class

helper_plugin_extension_repository:: (5 methods):

Class: helper_plugin_extension_repository  - X-Ref

Class helper_plugin_extension_repository provides access to the extension repository on dokuwiki.org

init()   X-Ref
Initialize the repository (cache), fetches data for all installed plugins

hasAccess($usecache = true)   X-Ref
If repository access is available

return: bool If repository access is available
param: bool $usecache use cached result if still valid

getData($name)   X-Ref
Get the remote data of an individual plugin or template

return: array The data or null if nothing was found (possibly no repository access)
param: string $name The plugin name to get the data for, template names need to be prefix by 'template:'

search($q)   X-Ref
Search for plugins or templates using the given query string

return: array a list of matching extensions
param: string $q the query string

parseQuery($q)   X-Ref
Parses special queries from the query string

return: array
param: string $q