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syntax_plugin_info:: (11 methods):

Class: syntax_plugin_info  - X-Ref

Info Plugin: Displays information about various DokuWiki internals

getType()   X-Ref
What kind of syntax are we?

getPType()   X-Ref
What about paragraphs?

getSort()   X-Ref
Where to sort in?

connectTo($mode)   X-Ref
Connect pattern to lexer

handle($match, $state, $pos, Doku_Handler $handler)   X-Ref
Handle the match

param: string       $match   The text matched by the patterns
param: int          $state   The lexer state for the match
param: int          $pos     The character position of the matched text
param: Doku_Handler $handler The Doku_Handler object
return: array Return an array with all data you want to use in render

render($format, Doku_Renderer $renderer, $data)   X-Ref
Create output

param: string $format   string     output format being rendered
param: Doku_Renderer    $renderer  the current renderer object
param: array            $data      data created by handler()
return: boolean                 rendered correctly?

renderPlugins($type, Doku_Renderer_xhtml $renderer)   X-Ref
list all installed plugins

uses some of the original renderer methods

param: string $type
param: Doku_Renderer_xhtml $renderer

renderHelperMethods(Doku_Renderer_xhtml $renderer)   X-Ref
list all installed plugins

uses some of the original renderer methods

param: Doku_Renderer_xhtml $renderer

renderSyntaxTypes()   X-Ref
lists all known syntax types and their registered modes

return: string

renderSyntaxModes()   X-Ref
lists all known syntax modes and their sorting value

return: string

addToToc($text, $level, Doku_Renderer_xhtml $renderer)   X-Ref
Adds a TOC item

param: string $text
param: int $level
param: Doku_Renderer_xhtml $renderer
return: string