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admin_plugin_popularity:: (8 methods):

Class: admin_plugin_popularity  - X-Ref

Popularity Feedback Plugin

__construct()   X-Ref
admin_plugin_popularity constructor.

getMenuText($language)   X-Ref
return prompt for admin menu

return: string
param: $language

getMenuSort()   X-Ref
return sort order for position in admin menu

forAdminOnly()   X-Ref
Accessible for managers

handle()   X-Ref
handle user request

enableAutosubmit($enable)   X-Ref
Enable or disable autosubmit

param: bool $enable If TRUE, it will enable autosubmit. Else, it will disable it.

html()   X-Ref
Output HTML form

buildForm($submissionMode, $data = null)   X-Ref
Build the form which presents the data to be sent

return: string The form, as an html string
param: string $submissionMode How is the data supposed to be sent? (may be: 'browser' or 'server')
param: string $data   The popularity data, if it has already been computed. NULL otherwise.