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helper_plugin_popularity:: (9 methods):

Class: helper_plugin_popularity  - X-Ref

Popularity Feedback Plugin

__construct()   X-Ref
helper_plugin_popularity constructor.

isAutoSubmitEnabled()   X-Ref
Check if autosubmit is enabled

return: boolean TRUE if we should send data once a month, FALSE otherwise

sendData($data)   X-Ref
Send the data, to the submit url

return: string An empty string if everything worked fine, a string describing the error otherwise
param: string $data The popularity data

lastSentTime()   X-Ref
Compute the last time the data was sent. If it has never been sent, we return 0.

return: int

gatherAsString()   X-Ref
Gather all information

return: string The popularity data as a string

initEmptySearchList()   X-Ref
Initialize an empty list to be used in file traversing

return: array
see: searchCountCallback

gather()   X-Ref
Gather all information

return: array The popularity data as an array

addPluginUsageData(&$data)   X-Ref
Triggers event to let plugins add their own data

param: $data

searchCountCallback(&$data, $base, $file, $type, $lvl, $opts)   X-Ref
Callback to search and count the content of directories in DokuWiki

return: bool
param: array &$data  Reference to the result data structure
param: string $base  Base usually $conf['datadir']
param: string $file  current file or directory relative to $base
param: string $type  Type either 'd' for directory or 'f' for file
param: int    $lvl   Current recursion depht
param: array  $opts  option array as given to search()