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Defines 1 class

admin_plugin_usermanager:: (31 methods):

Class: admin_plugin_usermanager  - X-Ref

All DokuWiki plugins to extend the admin function
need to inherit from this class

__construct()   X-Ref

getMenuText($language)   X-Ref
Return prompt for admin menu

return: string
param: string $language

getMenuSort()   X-Ref
return sort order for position in admin menu

return: int

getStart()   X-Ref

return: int current start value for pageination

getPagesize()   X-Ref

return: int number of users per page

setLastdisabled($lastdisabled)   X-Ref

param: boolean $lastdisabled

handle()   X-Ref
Handle user request

return: bool

html()   X-Ref
Output appropriate html

return: bool

isAccessibleByCurrentUser()   X-Ref
User Manager is only available if the auth backend supports it

return: bool

htmlUserForm($cmd, $user = '', $userdata = [], $indent = 0)   X-Ref
Display form to add or modify a user

param: string $cmd 'add' or 'modify'
param: string $user id of user
param: array $userdata array with name, mail, pass and grps
param: int $indent

htmlInputField($id, $name, $label, $value, $cando, $required, $indent = 0)   X-Ref
Prints a inputfield

param: string $id
param: string $name
param: string $label
param: string $value
param: bool $cando whether auth backend is capable to do this action
param: bool $required is this field required?
param: int $indent

htmlFilter($key)   X-Ref
Returns htmlescaped filter value

return: string html escaped value
param: string $key name of search field

htmlFilterSettings($indent = 0)   X-Ref
Print hidden inputs with the current filter values

param: int $indent

htmlImportForm($indent = 0)   X-Ref
Print import form and summary of previous import

param: int $indent

addUser()   X-Ref
Add an user to auth backend

return: bool whether succesful

deleteUser()   X-Ref
Delete user from auth backend

return: bool whether succesful

editUser($param)   X-Ref
Edit user (a user has been selected for editing)

return: bool whether succesful
param: string $param id of the user

modifyUser()   X-Ref
Modify user in the auth backend (modified user data has been recieved)

return: bool whether succesful

notifyUser($user, $password, $status_alert = true)   X-Ref
Send password change notification email

return: bool whether succesful
param: string $user id of user
param: string $password plain text
param: bool $status_alert whether status alert should be shown

verifyPassword($password, $confirm)   X-Ref
Verify password meets minimum requirements
:TODO: extend to support password strength

return: bool   true if meets requirements, false otherwise
param: string $password candidate string for new password
param: string $confirm repeated password for confirmation

retrieveUser($clean = true)   X-Ref
Retrieve & clean user data from the form

return: array (user, password, full name, email, array(groups))
param: bool $clean whether the cleanUser method of the authentication backend is applied

setFilter($op)   X-Ref
Set the filter with the current search terms or clear the filter

param: string $op 'new' or 'clear'

retrieveFilter()   X-Ref
Get the current search terms

return: array

validatePagination()   X-Ref
Validate and improve the pagination values

pagination()   X-Ref
Return an array of strings to enable/disable pagination buttons

return: array with enable/disable attributes

exportCSV()   X-Ref
Export a list of users in csv format using the current filter criteria

importCSV()   X-Ref
Import a file of users in csv format

csv file should have 4 columns, user_id, full name, email, groups (comma separated)

return: bool whether successful

cleanImportUser($candidate, &$error)   X-Ref
Returns cleaned user data

return: array|false cleaned data or false
param: array $candidate raw values of line from input file
param: string $error

importUser($user, &$error)   X-Ref
Adds imported user to auth backend

Required a check of canDo('addUser') before

return: bool whether successful
param: array $user data of user
param: string &$error reference catched error message

downloadImportFailures()   X-Ref
Downloads failures as csv file

isUploadedFile($file)   X-Ref
wrapper for is_uploaded_file to facilitate overriding by test suite

return: bool
param: string $file filename