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cli_plugin_usermanager:: (9 methods):

Class: cli_plugin_usermanager  - X-Ref

Class cli_plugin_usermanager

Command Line component for the usermanager

setup(Options $options)   X-Ref
No description

main(Options $options)   X-Ref
No description

cmdList(bool $showdetails)   X-Ref

return: int
param: bool $showdetails

listUsers(bool $details = false)   X-Ref
List the given users

param: bool $details display details

cmdAdd(bool $notify, array $args)   X-Ref
Adds an user

return: int
param: bool $notify display details
param: array $args

cmdDelete(array $args)   X-Ref
Deletes users

return: int
param: array $args

cmdAddToGroup(array $args)   X-Ref
Adds an user to group(s)

return: int
param: array $args

cmdRemoveFromGroup(array $args)   X-Ref
Removes an user from group(s)

return: int
param: array $args

printErrorMessages()   X-Ref
Plugins triggered during user modification may cause failures and output messages via
DokuWiki's msg() function