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Class: remote_plugin_usermanager  - X-Ref

DokuWiki Plugin usermanager (Action Component)

createUser($user, $name, $mail, $groups, $password = '', $notify = false)   X-Ref
Create a new user

If no password is provided, a password is auto generated. If the user can't be created
by the auth backend a return value of `false` is returned. You need to check this return
value rather than relying on the error code only.

Superuser permission are required to create users.

return: bool Wether the user was successfully created
param: string $user The user's login name
param: string $name The user's full name
param: string $mail The user's email address
param: string[] $groups The groups the user should be in
param: string $password The user's password, empty for autogeneration
param: bool $notify Whether to send a notification email to the user

deleteUser($user)   X-Ref
Remove a user

You need to be a superuser to delete users.

return: bool wether the user was successfully deleted
param: string[] $user The login name of the user to delete