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ClientSSL:: (7 methods):

Class: ClientSSL  - X-Ref

Client for communicating with a XML-RPC Server over HTTPS.

__construct($server, $path = false, $port = 443, $timeout = false, $timeout_io = null)   X-Ref

param: string $server URL of the Server to connect to

setCertificate($certificateFile, $keyFile, $keyPhrase = '')   X-Ref
Set the client side certificates to communicate with the server.

param: string $certificateFile Filename of the client side certificate to use
param: string $keyFile         Filename of the client side certificate's private key
param: string $keyPhrase       Passphrase to unlock the private key

setCACertificate($caFile)   X-Ref
No description

setTimeOut($newTimeOut)   X-Ref
Sets the connection timeout (in seconds)

param: int $newTimeOut Timeout in seconds
returns: void

getTimeOut()   X-Ref
Returns the connection timeout (in seconds)

returns: int

query()   X-Ref
Set the query to send to the XML-RPC Server

debugOutput($message)   X-Ref
Debug output, if debug is enabled

param: $message