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MBOXCreator:: (4 methods):

Class: MBOXCreator  - X-Ref

MBOXCreator is a FeedCreator that implements the mbox format
as described in http://www.qmail.org/man/man5/mbox.html

__construct()   X-Ref
MBOXCreator constructor.

qp_enc($input = "", $line_max = 76)   X-Ref
Quoted Printable encoding

return: string
param: string $input
param: int $line_max wrap lines after these number of characters

createFeed()   X-Ref
Builds the MBOX contents.

_generateFilename()   X-Ref
Generate a filename for the feed cache file. Overridden from FeedCreator to prevent XML data types.

return: string the feed cache filename