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SimplePie A PHP-Based RSS and Atom Feed Framework. Takes the hard work out of managing a complete RSS/Atom solution.

Author: Ryan Parman
Author: Sam Sneddon
Author: Ryan McCue
Copyright: 2004-2016 Ryan Parman, Sam Sneddon, Ryan McCue
License: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php BSD License
Link: http://simplepie.org/ SimplePie
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Redis:: (7 methods):

Class: Redis  - X-Ref

Caches data to redis

Registered for URLs with the "redis" protocol

For example, `redis://localhost:6379/?timeout=3600&prefix=sp_&dbIndex=0` will
connect to redis on `localhost` on port 6379. All tables will be
prefixed with `simple_primary-` and data will expire after 3600 seconds

__construct($location, $name, $options = null)   X-Ref
Create a new cache object

param: string $location Location string (from SimplePie::$cache_location)
param: string $name Unique ID for the cache
param: Base::TYPE_FEED|Base::TYPE_IMAGE $type Either TYPE_FEED for SimplePie data, or TYPE_IMAGE for image data

setRedisClient(NativeRedis $cache)   X-Ref

param: NativeRedis $cache

save($data)   X-Ref
Save data to the cache

return: bool Successfulness
param: array|\SimplePie\SimplePie $data Data to store in the cache. If passed a SimplePie object, only cache the $data property

load()   X-Ref
Retrieve the data saved to the cache

return: array Data for SimplePie::$data

mtime()   X-Ref
Retrieve the last modified time for the cache

return: int Timestamp

touch()   X-Ref
Set the last modified time to the current time

return: bool Success status

unlink()   X-Ref
Remove the cache

return: bool Success status