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SimplePie A PHP-Based RSS and Atom Feed Framework. Takes the hard work out of managing a complete RSS/Atom solution.

Author: Ryan Parman
Author: Sam Sneddon
Author: Ryan McCue
Copyright: 2004-2016 Ryan Parman, Sam Sneddon, Ryan McCue
License: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php BSD License
Link: http://simplepie.org/ SimplePie
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Date:: (10 methods):

Class: Date  - X-Ref

Date Parser

__construct()   X-Ref
Create new Date object, and set self::day_pcre,
self::month_pcre, and self::built_in

get()   X-Ref
Get the object

parse($date)   X-Ref
Parse a date

return: int Timestamp corresponding to date string, or false on failure
param: string $date Date to parse

add_callback($callback)   X-Ref
Add a callback method to parse a date

param: callable $callback

date_w3cdtf($date)   X-Ref
Parse a superset of W3C-DTF (allows hyphens and colons to be omitted, as
well as allowing any of upper or lower case "T", horizontal tabs, or
spaces to be used as the time separator (including more than one))

return: int Timestamp

remove_rfc2822_comments($string)   X-Ref
Remove RFC822 comments

return: string Comment stripped string
param: string $data Data to strip comments from

date_rfc2822($date)   X-Ref
Parse RFC2822's date format

return: int Timestamp

date_rfc850($date)   X-Ref
Parse RFC850's date format

return: int Timestamp

date_asctime($date)   X-Ref
Parse C99's asctime()'s date format

return: int Timestamp

date_strtotime($date)   X-Ref
Parse dates using strtotime()

return: int Timestamp