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Math:: (18 methods):

Class: Math  - X-Ref

Implements the math functions for LESS

getFunctions()   X-Ref
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ceil(array $arg)   X-Ref
Rounds up to the next highest integer

link: https://lesscss.org/functions/#math-functions-ceil

floor(array $arg)   X-Ref
Rounds down to the next lowest integer

link: https://lesscss.org/functions/#math-functions-floor

percentage(array $arg)   X-Ref
Converts a floating point number into a percentage string

link: https://lesscss.org/functions/#math-functions-percentage

round(array $arg)   X-Ref
Applies rounding

link: https://lesscss.org/functions/#math-functions-round

sqrt(array $num)   X-Ref
Calculates square root of a number

link: https://lesscss.org/functions/#math-functions-sqrt

abs(array $num)   X-Ref
Calculates absolute value of a number. Keeps units as they are.

link: https://lesscss.org/functions/#math-functions-abs

sin(array $num)   X-Ref
Calculates sine function

link: https://lesscss.org/functions/#math-functions-sin

asin(array $num)   X-Ref
Calculates arcsine function

link: https://lesscss.org/functions/#math-functions-asin

cos(array $num)   X-Ref
Calculates cosine function

link: https://lesscss.org/functions/#math-functions-cos

acos(array $num)   X-Ref
Calculates arccosine function

link: https://lesscss.org/functions/#math-functions-acos

tan(array $num)   X-Ref
Calculates tangent function

link: https://lesscss.org/functions/#math-functions-tan

atan(array $num)   X-Ref
Calculates arctangent function

link: https://lesscss.org/functions/#math-functions-atan

pi()   X-Ref
Return the value of pi

link: https://lesscss.org/functions/#math-functions-pi

pow(array $args)   X-Ref
Returns the value of the first argument raised to the power of the second argument.

link: https://lesscss.org/functions/#math-functions-pow

mod(array $args)   X-Ref
Returns the value of the first argument modulus second argument.

link: https://lesscss.org/functions/#math-functions-mod

min(array $args)   X-Ref
Returns the lowest of one or more values

link: https://lesscss.org/functions/#math-functions-min

max(array $args)   X-Ref
Returns the highest of one or more values

link: https://lesscss.org/functions/#math-functions-max