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ParserException:: (5 methods):

Class: ParserException  - X-Ref

An exception signalling a problem in the LESS source

__construct(string $message = '',?string $culprit = '',?string $sourceFile = '',?int $sourceLine = -1,\Throwable $previous = null)   X-Ref
No description

getError()   X-Ref
This is the error message without any additional context

getCulprit()   X-Ref
The LESS code that triggered the error

This is the line the parser choked on. Not always available.

getSourceFile()   X-Ref
The LESS source file where the error was triggered

This is the file the parser was parsing, will usually only be available when
parsing an import or when compileFile() was used.

getSourceLine()   X-Ref
The line number where the error was triggered