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Color:: (6 methods):

Class: Color  - X-Ref

Color handling utilities

coerceColor(array $value)   X-Ref
coerce a value for use in color operation
returns null if the value can't be used in color operations

toLuma(array $color)   X-Ref
Calculate the perceptual brightness of a color object

toHSL(array $color)   X-Ref
Convert a color to HSL color space

toRGB(array $color)   X-Ref
Converts a hsl array into a color value in rgb.
Expects H to be in range of 0 to 360, S and L in 0 to 100

fixColor(array $c)   X-Ref
make sure a color's components don't go out of bounds

calculateRGBComponent(float $comp, float $temp1, float $temp2)   X-Ref
Helper function for the HSL to RGB conversion process.

This function normalizes the input component of the HSL color and determines the RGB
value based on the HSL values.

param: float $comp The component of the HSL color to be normalized and converted.
param: float $temp1 The first temporary variable used in the conversion process
param: float $temp2 The second temporary variable used in the conversion process
return: float The calculated RGB value as percentage of the maximum value (255)