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ActionRouter:: (8 methods):

Class: ActionRouter  - X-Ref

Class ActionRouter

__construct()   X-Ref
ActionRouter constructor. Singleton, thus protected!

Sets up the correct action based on the $ACT global. Writes back
the selected action to $ACT

getInstance($reinit = false)   X-Ref
Get the singleton instance

param: bool $reinit
return: ActionRouter

setupAction(&$actionname)   X-Ref
Setup the given action

Instantiates the right class, runs permission checks and pre-processing and
sets $action

param: string $actionname this is passed as a reference to $ACT, for plugin backward compatibility

transitionAction($from, $to, $e = null)   X-Ref
Transitions from one action to another

Basically just calls setupAction() again but does some checks before.

param: string $from current action name
param: string $to new action name
param: null|ActionException $e any previous exception that caused the transition

handleFatalException(\Throwable $e)   X-Ref
Aborts all processing with a message

When a FataException instanc is passed, the code is treated as Status code

param: \Exception|FatalException $e

loadAction($actionname)   X-Ref
Load the given action

This translates the given name to a class name by uppercasing the first letter.
Underscores translate to camelcase names. For actions with underscores, the different
parts are removed beginning from the end until a matching class is found. The instatiated
Action will always have the full original action set as Name

Example: 'export_raw' -> ExportRaw then 'export' -> 'Export'

param: $actionname
return: AbstractAction

checkAction(AbstractAction $action)   X-Ref
Execute all the checks to see if this action can be executed

param: AbstractAction $action

getAction()   X-Ref
Returns the action handling the current request

return: AbstractAction