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FileActionRouter.php           [source] [228 lines]   
FileAjax.php                   [source] [439 lines]   
FileDifferenceEngine.php       [source] [1544 lines]  
FileDraft.php                  [source] [165 lines]   
FileFeedParser.php             [source] [84 lines]    Class used to parse RSS and ATOM feeds
FileHTTPClient.php             [source] [943 lines]   HTTP Client
FileIXR_Library.php            [source] [1132 lines]  
FileInput.class.php            [source] [335 lines]   
FileJSON.php                   [source] [827 lines]   Converts to and from JSON format. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate. It is based on a subset of the JavaScript Programming Language, Standard ECMA-262 3rd Edition - December 1999. This feature can also be found in Python. JSON is a text format that is completely language independent but uses conventions that are familiar to programmers of the C-family of languages, including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, TCL, and many others. These properties make JSON an ideal data-interchange language.
FileJpegMeta.php               [source] [3188 lines]  JPEG metadata reader/writer
FileMailer.class.php           [source] [759 lines]   A class to build and send multi part mails (with HTML content and embedded attachments). All mails are assumed to be in UTF-8 encoding. Attachments are handled in memory so this shouldn't be used to send huge files, but then again mail shouldn't be used to send huge files either.
FileManifest.php               [source] [80 lines]    
FilePassHash.class.php         [source] [645 lines]   
FilePlugin.php                 [source] [11 lines]    
FilePluginInterface.php        [source] [158 lines]   
FilePluginTrait.php            [source] [238 lines]   Do not inherit directly from this class, instead inherit from the specialized ones in lib/plugin
FileRemoteAPICore.php          [source] [983 lines]   Increased whenever the API is changed
FileSafeFN.class.php           [source] [158 lines]   
FileSitemapper.php             [source] [220 lines]   Sitemap handling functions
FileStyleUtils.php             [source] [180 lines]   
FileTaskRunner.php             [source] [239 lines]   
Fileactions.php                [source] [64 lines]    DokuWiki Actions
Fileauth.php                   [source] [1267 lines]  Authentication library Including this file will automatically try to login a user by calling auth_login()
Filecache.php                  [source] [337 lines]   Generic class to handle caching
Filechangelog.php              [source] [1074 lines]  Changelog handling functions
Filecli.php                    [source] [655 lines]   
Filecommon.php                 [source] [2089 lines]  Common DokuWiki functions
Filecompatibility.php          [source] [82 lines]    compatibility functions This file contains a few functions that might be missing from the PHP build
Fileconfig_cascade.php         [source] [91 lines]    The default config cascade
Fileconfutils.php              [source] [467 lines]   Utilities for collecting data from config files
Fileevents.php                 [source] [275 lines]   DokuWiki Events
Filefarm.php                   [source] [150 lines]   This overwrites DOKU_CONF. Each animal gets its own configuration and data directory. This can be used together with preload.php. See preload.php.dist for an example setup. For more information see http://www.dokuwiki.org/farms. The farm directory (constant DOKU_FARMDIR) can be any directory and needs to be set. Animals are direct subdirectories of the farm directory. There are two different approaches: * An .htaccess based setup can use any animal directory name: http://example.org//subdir/ will need the subdirectory '$farm/subdir/'. * A virtual host based setup needs animal directory names which have to reflect the domain name: If an animal resides in http://www.example.org:8080/mysite/test/, directories that will match range from '$farm/8080.www.example.org.mysite.test/' to a simple '$farm/domain/'.
Filefetch.functions.php        [source] [186 lines]   Functions used by lib/exe/fetch.php (not included by other parts of dokuwiki)
Fileform.php                   [source] [1098 lines]  DokuWiki XHTML Form
Filefulltext.php               [source] [919 lines]   DokuWiki fulltextsearch functions using the index
Filehtml.php                   [source] [2262 lines]  HTML output functions
Filehttputils.php              [source] [346 lines]   Utilities for handling HTTP related tasks
Fileindexer.php                [source] [1611 lines]  Functions to create the fulltext search index
Fileinfoutils.php              [source] [546 lines]   Information and debugging functions
Fileinit.php                   [source] [613 lines]   Initialize some defaults needed for DokuWiki
Fileio.php                     [source] [779 lines]   File IO functions
Fileload.php                   [source] [159 lines]   Load all internal libraries and setup class autoloader
Filemail.php                   [source] [348 lines]   Mail functions
Filemedia.php                  [source] [2498 lines]  All output and handler function needed for the media management popup
Filepageutils.php              [source] [774 lines]   Utilities for handling pagenames
Fileparserutils.php            [source] [796 lines]   Utilities for accessing the parser
Fileplugincontroller.class.php [source] [347 lines]   Class to encapsulate access to dokuwiki plugins
Filepluginutils.php            [source] [136 lines]   Utilities for handling plugins
Fileremote.php                 [source] [357 lines]   
Filesearch.php                 [source] [518 lines]   DokuWiki search functions
Filesubscription.php           [source] [693 lines]   
Filetemplate.php               [source] [1873 lines]  DokuWiki template functions
Filetoolbar.php                [source] [257 lines]   Editing toolbar functions
Fileutf8.php                   [source] [1772 lines]  UTF8 helper functions