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ErrorHandler:: (7 methods):

Class: ErrorHandler  - X-Ref

Manage the global handling of errors and exceptions

Developer may use this to log and display exceptions themselves
register()   X-Ref
Register the default error handling

fatalException($e)   X-Ref
Default Exception handler to show a nice user message before dieing

The exception is logged to the error log

param: \Throwable $e

showExceptionMsg($e, $intro = 'Error!')   X-Ref
Convenience method to display an error message for the given Exception

param: \Throwable $e
param: string $intro

fatalShutdown()   X-Ref
Last resort to handle fatal errors that still can't be caught

logException($e)   X-Ref
Log the given exception to the error log

return: bool false if the logging failed
param: \Throwable $e

errorHandler($errno, $errstr, $errfile, $errline)   X-Ref
Error handler to log non-exception errors

return: bool
param: int $errno
param: string $errstr
param: string $errfile
param: int $errline

guessPlugin($e)   X-Ref
Checks the the stacktrace for plugin files

return: false|string
param: \Throwable $e