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EventHandler:: (5 methods):

Class: EventHandler  - X-Ref

Controls the registration and execution of all events,

__construct()   X-Ref

constructor, loads all action plugins and calls their register() method giving them
an opportunity to register any hooks they require

register_hook($event, $advise, $obj, $method, $param = null, $seq = 0)   X-Ref

register a hook for an event

param: string $event name used by the event
param: string $advise BEFORE|AFTER
param: object $obj scope for the method be executed on, NULL for global function or callable
param: string|callable $method event handler function
param: mixed $param data passed to the event handler
param: int $seq sequence number for ordering hook execution (ascending)

process_event($event, $advise = '')   X-Ref
process the before/after event

param: Event $event
param: string $advise BEFORE or AFTER

hasHandlerForEvent($name, $advise = '')   X-Ref
Check if an event has any registered handlers

When $advise is empty, both BEFORE and AFTER events will be considered,
otherwise only the given advisory is checked

param: string $name Name of the event
param: string $advise BEFORE, AFTER or empty
return: bool

getEventHandlers()   X-Ref
Get all hooks and their currently registered handlers

The handlers are sorted by sequence, then by register time

return: array