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FileActionPlugin.php     [source] [21 lines]    Action Plugin Prototype Handles action hooks within a plugin
FileAdminPlugin.php      [source] [131 lines]   Admin Plugin Prototype Implements an admin interface in a plugin
FileAuthPlugin.php       [source] [459 lines]   Auth Plugin Prototype allows to authenticate users in a plugin
FileCLIPlugin.php        [source] [15 lines]    CLI plugin prototype
FileEvent.php            [source] [202 lines]   
FileEventHandler.php     [source] [119 lines]   
FilePlugin.php           [source] [13 lines]    DokuWiki Base Plugin
FilePluginController.php [source] [414 lines]   
FilePluginInterface.php  [source] [159 lines]   
FilePluginTrait.php      [source] [280 lines]   Provides standard DokuWiki plugin behaviour
FileRemotePlugin.php     [source] [79 lines]    Remote Plugin prototype Add functionality to the remote API in a plugin
FileSyntaxPlugin.php     [source] [131 lines]   Syntax Plugin Prototype All DokuWiki plugins to extend the parser/rendering mechanism need to inherit from this class