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PluginInterface:: (15 methods):

Interface: PluginInterface  - X-Ref

DokuWiki Plugin Interface

Defines the public contract all DokuWiki plugins will adhere to. The actual code
to do so is defined in dokuwiki\Extension\PluginTrait

getInfo()   X-Ref
General Info

Needs to return a associative array with the following values:

base   - the plugin's base name (eg. the directory it needs to be installed in)
author - Author of the plugin
email  - Email address to contact the author
date   - Last modified date of the plugin in YYYY-MM-DD format
name   - Name of the plugin
desc   - Short description of the plugin (Text only)
url    - Website with more information on the plugin (eg. syntax description)

getPluginType()   X-Ref
The type of the plugin inferred from the class name

return: string  plugin type

getPluginName()   X-Ref
The name of the plugin inferred from the class name

return: string  plugin name

getPluginComponent()   X-Ref
The component part of the plugin inferred from the class name

return: string component name

getLang($id)   X-Ref
Access plugin language strings

to try to minimise unnecessary loading of the strings when the plugin doesn't require them
e.g. when info plugin is querying plugins for information about themselves.

return: string in appropriate language or english if not available
param: string $id id of the string to be retrieved

locale_xhtml($id)   X-Ref
retrieve a language dependent file and pass to xhtml renderer for display
plugin equivalent of p_locale_xhtml()

return: string parsed contents of the wiki page in xhtml format
param: string $id id of language dependent wiki page

localFN($id, $ext = 'txt')   X-Ref
Prepends appropriate path for a language dependent filename
plugin equivalent of localFN()

return: string wiki text
param: string $id id of localization file
param: string $ext The file extension (usually txt)

setupLocale()   X-Ref
Reads all the plugins language dependent strings into $this->lang
this function is automatically called by getLang()

getConf($setting, $notset = false)   X-Ref
use this function to access plugin configuration variables

return: mixed
param: string $setting the setting to access
param: mixed $notset what to return if the setting is not available

loadConfig()   X-Ref
merges the plugin's default settings with any local settings
this function is automatically called through getConf()

loadHelper($name, $msg = true)   X-Ref
Loads a given helper plugin (if enabled)

return: PluginInterface|null helper plugin object
param: string $name name of plugin to load
param: bool $msg if a message should be displayed in case the plugin is not available
author: Esther Brunner <wikidesign@gmail.com>

email($email, $name = '', $class = '', $more = '')   X-Ref
standardised function to generate an email link according to obfuscation settings

return: string html
param: string $email
param: string $name
param: string $class
param: string $more

external_link($link, $title = '', $class = '', $target = '', $more = '')   X-Ref
standardised function to generate an external link according to conf settings

return: string
param: string $link
param: string $title
param: string $class
param: string $target
param: string $more

render_text($text, $format = 'xhtml')   X-Ref
output text string through the parser, allows dokuwiki markup to be used
very ineffecient for small pieces of data - try not to use

return: null|string
param: string $text wiki markup to parse
param: string $format output format

isSingleton()   X-Ref
Allow the plugin to prevent DokuWiki from reusing an instance

return: bool   false if the plugin has to be instantiated