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/inc/Extension/ -> PluginTrait.php (summary)

Provides standard DokuWiki plugin behaviour

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Defines 16 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

getInfo()   X-Ref

see: PluginInterface::getInfo()

isSingleton()   X-Ref

see: PluginInterface::isSingleton()

loadHelper($name, $msg = true)   X-Ref

see: PluginInterface::loadHelper()

getPluginType()   X-Ref

see: PluginInterface::getPluginType()

getPluginName()   X-Ref

see: PluginInterface::getPluginName()

getPluginComponent()   X-Ref

see: PluginInterface::getPluginComponent()

getLang($id)   X-Ref

see: PluginInterface::getLang()

locale_xhtml($id)   X-Ref

see: PluginInterface::locale_xhtml()

localFN($id, $ext = 'txt')   X-Ref

see: PluginInterface::localFN()

setupLocale()   X-Ref

see: PluginInterface::setupLocale()

getConf($setting, $notset = false)   X-Ref

see: PluginInterface::getConf()

loadConfig()   X-Ref

see: PluginInterface::loadConfig()

readDefaultSettings()   X-Ref
read the plugin's default configuration settings from conf/default.php
this function is automatically called through getConf()

return: array    setting => value

email($email, $name = '', $class = '', $more = '')   X-Ref

see: PluginInterface::email()

external_link($link, $title = '', $class = '', $target = '', $more = '')   X-Ref

see: PluginInterface::external_link()

render_text($text, $format = 'xhtml')   X-Ref

see: PluginInterface::render_text()