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Syntax Plugin Prototype All DokuWiki plugins to extend the parser/rendering mechanism need to inherit from this class

Author: Andreas Gohr
License: GPL 2 (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html)
File Size: 131 lines (4 kb)
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Defines 3 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

getAllowedTypes()   X-Ref
Allowed Mode Types

Defines the mode types for other dokuwiki markup that maybe nested within the
plugin's own markup. Needs to return an array of one or more of the mode types
defined in $PARSER_MODES in Parser.php

return: array

getPType()   X-Ref
Paragraph Type

Defines how this syntax is handled regarding paragraphs. This is important
for correct XHTML nesting. Should return one of the following:

'normal' - The plugin can be used inside paragraphs
'block'  - Open paragraphs need to be closed before plugin output
'stack'  - Special case. Plugin wraps other paragraphs.

return: string
see: Doku_Handler_Block

accepts($mode)   X-Ref
There should be no need to override this function

return: bool
param: string $mode