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Class: LegacyForm  - X-Ref

Class LegacyForm

Provides a compatibility layer to the old Doku_Form API

This can be used to work with the modern API on forms provided by old events for
example. When you start new forms, just use Form\Form

__construct(\Doku_Form $oldform)   X-Ref
Creates a new modern form from an old legacy Doku_Form

param: \Doku_Form $oldform

parseLegacyAttr($legacy)   X-Ref
Parses out what is the elements attributes and what is control info

param: array $legacy
return: array

legacyType($type)   X-Ref
Translates our types to the legacy types

param: string $type
return: string

toLegacy()   X-Ref
Creates an old legacy form from this modern form's data

return: \Doku_Form