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FileButtonElement.php        [source] [36 lines]    
FileCheckableElement.php     [source] [82 lines]    
FileDropdownElement.php      [source] [199 lines]   
FileElement.php              [source] [160 lines]   Class Element The basic building block of a form
FileFieldsetCloseElement.php [source] [33 lines]    
FileFieldsetOpenElement.php  [source] [39 lines]    
FileForm.php                 [source] [499 lines]   
FileHTMLElement.php          [source] [31 lines]    
FileInputElement.php         [source] [170 lines]   
FileLabelElement.php         [source] [30 lines]    
FileLegacyForm.php           [source] [182 lines]   
FileOptGroup.php             [source] [122 lines]   
FileTagCloseElement.php      [source] [94 lines]    
FileTagElement.php           [source] [32 lines]    
FileTagOpenElement.php       [source] [33 lines]    
FileTextareaElement.php      [source] [54 lines]    
FileValueElement.php         [source] [46 lines]    Class ValueElement Just like an Element but it's value is not part of its attributes