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FileAbstractItem.php [source] [264 lines]   Class AbstractItem This class defines a single Item to be displayed in one of DokuWiki's menus. Plugins can extend those menus through action plugins and add their own instances of this class, overwriting some of its properties.
FileAdmin.php        [source] [28 lines]    
FileBack.php         [source] [29 lines]    
FileBacklink.php     [source] [18 lines]    
FileEdit.php         [source] [67 lines]    
FileImgBackto.php    [source] [24 lines]    
FileIndex.php        [source] [27 lines]    
FileLogin.php        [source] [29 lines]    
FileMedia.php        [source] [21 lines]    
FileMediaManager.php [source] [28 lines]    
FileProfile.php      [source] [24 lines]    
FileRecent.php       [source] [20 lines]    
FileRegister.php     [source] [24 lines]    
FileResendpwd.php    [source] [24 lines]    
FileRevert.php       [source] [27 lines]    
FileRevisions.php    [source] [21 lines]    
FileSubscribe.php    [source] [24 lines]    
FileTop.php          [source] [37 lines]