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Admin:: (7 methods):

Class: Admin  - X-Ref

Class Admin

Displays the Admin screen

show()   X-Ref
Display the UI element

return: void

showMenu($type)   X-Ref
Show the given menu of available plugins

param: string $type admin|manager|other

showVersion()   X-Ref
Display the DokuWiki version

showSecurityCheck()   X-Ref
data security check

simple check if the 'savedir' is relative and accessible when appended to DOKU_URL

it verifies either:
'savedir' has been moved elsewhere, or
has protection to prevent the webserver serving files from it

The actual check is carried out via JavaScript. See behaviour.js

showMenuItem($item)   X-Ref
Display a single Admin menu item

param: array $item

getPluginList()   X-Ref
Build  list of admin functions from the plugins that handle them

Checks the current permissions to decide on manager or admin plugins

return: array list of plugins with their properties

menuSort($a, $b)   X-Ref
Custom sorting for admin menu

We sort alphabetically first, then by sort value

return: int
param: array $a
param: array $b