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FileAdmin.php          [source] [181 lines]   
FileBacklinks.php      [source] [42 lines]    
FileDiff.php           [source] [129 lines]   DokuWiki Diff Interface parent class of PageDiff and MediaDiff
FileEditor.php         [source] [210 lines]   
FileIndex.php          [source] [130 lines]   
FileLogin.php          [source] [83 lines]    
FileMediaDiff.php      [source] [326 lines]   
FileMediaRevisions.php [source] [121 lines]   
FilePageConflict.php   [source] [62 lines]    
FilePageDiff.php       [source] [559 lines]   
FilePageDraft.php      [source] [54 lines]    
FilePageRevisions.php  [source] [116 lines]   
FilePageView.php       [source] [84 lines]    
FileRecent.php         [source] [229 lines]   
FileRevisions.php      [source] [113 lines]   DokuWiki Revisions Interface parent class of PageRevisions and MediaRevisions Note: navigation starts from -1, not 0. This is because our Revision management starts old revisions at 0 and will return the current revision only if the revisions starting at -1 are requested.
FileSearch.php         [source] [625 lines]   
FileSearchState.php    [source] [141 lines]   
FileSubscribe.php      [source] [116 lines]   
FileUi.php             [source] [20 lines]    Class Ui Abstract base class for all DokuWiki screens
FileUserProfile.php    [source] [185 lines]   
FileUserRegister.php   [source] [73 lines]    
FileUserResendPwd.php  [source] [99 lines]