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DokuWiki Diff Interface parent class of PageDiff and MediaDiff

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Defines 4 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

__construct($id)   X-Ref
Diff Ui constructor

param: string $id page id or media id

compare($rev1, $rev2)   X-Ref
Set a pair of revisions to be compared

return: $this
param: int $rev1 older revision
param: int $rev2 newer revision

preference($prefs = null, $value = null)   X-Ref
Gets or Sets preference of the Ui\Diff object

return: array|$this
param: string|array $prefs a key name or key-value pair(s)
param: mixed $value value used when the first args is string

handle()   X-Ref
Handle requested revision(s)

return: void