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Class: Diff  - X-Ref

DokuWiki Diff Interface

__construct($text = '', $showIntro = true, $difftype = null)   X-Ref
Diff Ui constructor

param: string $text  when non-empty: compare with this text with most current version
param: bool   $showIntro display the intro text
param: string $difftype  diff view type (inline or sidebyside)

show()   X-Ref
Show diff
between current page version and provided $text
or between the revisions provided via GET or POST

author: Andreas Gohr <andi@splitbrain.org>
return: void

diffHead($l_rev, $r_rev, $id = null, $media = false, $inline = false)   X-Ref
Get header of diff HTML

param: string $l_rev   Left revisions
param: string $r_rev   Right revision
param: string $id      Page id, if null $ID is used
param: bool   $media   If it is for media files
param: bool   $inline  Return the header on a single line
return: string[] HTML snippets for diff header

diffNavigation($pagelog, $l_rev, $r_rev)   X-Ref
Create html for revision navigation

param: PageChangeLog $pagelog changelog object of current page
param: int           $l_rev   left revision timestamp
param: int           $r_rev   right revision timestamp
return: string[] html of left and right navigation elements

diffViewlink($linktype, $lrev, $rrev = null)   X-Ref
Create html link to a diff view defined by two revisions

param: string $linktype
param: int $lrev oldest revision
param: int $rrev newest revision or null for diff with current revision
return: string html of link to a diff view

insertSoftbreaks($diffhtml)   X-Ref
Insert soft breaks in diff html

param: string $diffhtml
return: string