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PageDiff:: (12 methods):

Class: PageDiff  - X-Ref

DokuWiki PageDiff Interface

__construct($id = null)   X-Ref
PageDiff Ui constructor

param: string $id page id

setChangeLog()   X-Ref
No description

compareWith($text = null)   X-Ref
Set text to be compared with most current version
when it has been externally edited
exclusively use of the compare($old, $new) method

return: $this
param: string $text

handle()   X-Ref
Handle requested revision(s) and diff view preferences

return: void

preProcess()   X-Ref
Prepare revision info of comparison pair

show()   X-Ref
Show diff
between current page version and provided $text
or between the revisions provided via GET or POST

return: void
author: Andreas Gohr <andi@splitbrain.org>

showDiffViewSelector()   X-Ref
Print form to choose diff view type, and exact url reference to the view

buildRevisionsNavigation()   X-Ref
Create html for revision navigation

The navigation consists of older and newer revisions selectors, each
state mutually depends on the selected revision of opposite side.

return: string[] html of navigation for both older and newer sides

buildRevisionOptions($side, $revs)   X-Ref
prepare options for dropdwon selector

return: array

buildDropdownSelector($side, $options)   X-Ref
build Dropdown form for revisions navigation

return: string

diffViewlink($linktype, $rev1, $rev2 = null)   X-Ref
Create html link to a diff view defined by two revisions

return: string html of link to a diff view
param: string $linktype
param: int $rev1 older revision
param: int $rev2 newer revision or null for diff with current revision

insertSoftbreaks($diffhtml)   X-Ref
Insert soft breaks in diff html

return: string
param: string $diffhtml