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Recent:: (6 methods):

Class: Recent  - X-Ref

DokuWiki Recent Interface

__construct($first = 0, $show_changes = 'both')   X-Ref
Recent Ui constructor

param: int $first  skip the first n changelog lines
param: string $show_changes  type of changes to show; 'pages', 'mediafiles', or 'both'

show()   X-Ref
Display recent changes

author: Andreas Gohr <andi@splitbrain.org>
author: Matthias Grimm <matthiasgrimm@users.sourceforge.net>
author: Ben Coburn <btcoburn@silicodon.net>
author: Kate Arzamastseva <pshns@ukr.net>
author: Satoshi Sahara <sahara.satoshi@gmail.com>
return: void

getRecents(&$first, &$hasNext)   X-Ref
Get recent items, and set correct pagination parameters (first, hasNext)

return: array  recent items to be shown in a paginated list
param: int  $first
param: bool $hasNext
see: also dokuwiki\Changelog::getRevisionInfo()

checkCurrentRevision(array &$info)   X-Ref
Check possible external deletion for current page or media

To keep sort order in the recent list, we ignore externally modification.
It is not possible to know when external deletion had happened,
$info['date'] is to be incremented 1 second when such deletion detected.

htmlNavigation($first, $hasNext)   X-Ref
Navigation buttons for Pagination (prev/next)

return: string html
param: int  $first
param: bool $hasNext

addRecentItemSelector(Form $form)   X-Ref
Add dropdown selector of item types to the form instance

return: void
param: Form $form