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FileCommon.php            [source] [549 lines]   Generic EC Key Parsing Helper functions PHP version 5
FileJWK.php               [source] [189 lines]   JSON Web Key (RFC7517 / RFC8037) Formatted EC Handler PHP version 5
FileMontgomeryPrivate.php [source] [101 lines]   Montgomery Private Key Handler "Naked" Curve25519 private keys can pretty much be any sequence of random 32x bytes so unless we have a "hidden" key handler pretty much every 32 byte string will be loaded as a curve25519 private key even if it probably isn't one by PublicKeyLoader.
FileMontgomeryPublic.php  [source] [71 lines]    Montgomery Public Key Handler PHP version 5
FileOpenSSH.php           [source] [209 lines]   OpenSSH Formatted EC Key Handler PHP version 5
FilePKCS1.php             [source] [194 lines]   "PKCS1" (RFC5915) Formatted EC Key Handler PHP version 5
FilePKCS8.php             [source] [234 lines]   PKCS#8 Formatted EC Key Handler PHP version 5
FilePuTTY.php             [source] [138 lines]   PuTTY Formatted EC Key Handler PHP version 5
FileXML.php               [source] [485 lines]   XML Formatted EC Key Handler More info:
Filelibsodium.php         [source] [116 lines]   libsodium Key Handler Different NaCl implementations store the key differently. https://blog.mozilla.org/warner/2011/11/29/ed25519-keys/ elaborates. libsodium appears to use the same format as SUPERCOP.